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I met Krista & Matthew over at Woodlawn Plantation which is location in Guyton, GA. The couple wanted to meet at the plantation so that we could also use our time to walk the property to scout out locations for their wedding photos.Krista & Matthew are such an adorable couple and I’m so excited to be photographing their upcoming Spring wedding which will also take place at Woodlawn Plantation under the largest Live Oak on the property.

Engagement Session Woodlawn Plantation Wedding Photographerer  -013

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I am so excited to share this next Session. Since we posted the last proposal, we have been getting a lot of requests to do more. There’s nothing better than being involved in a well orchestrated plan! For this proposal, Lee got in touch with me and explained that he had he planned to propose in Savannah at the Forsyth Fountain.  Lee pilots his own  plane and had told Juleah they were flying in from NY for a destination date to explore Savannah…He went onto explain that Juleah would think it was not too out of the ordinary, since the couple has taken a trips to St. Augustine, but instead they would be visiting Savannah for this “special date.” On the day of  the proposal, Lee and I texted back and forth so that I knew if the plane was on time and if the plan was going according to schedule.  We even had a back up location in case of rain because there was supposed to be a storm that evening. Lee was doing this rain or shine and didn’t even seem to mind that the proposal (and flying) was on Friday the thirteenth! (I guess its safe to say he isn’t as superstitious as I am!)  Upon their safe arrival, the couple went out for an early dinner then a carriage tour which ended at the Forsyth Park Promenade. Everything was meticulously planned down to the last second, giving me just enough time to pace out where I was shooting and to set up. As they made their way up to our designated location, I pretended to be a tourist taking photos so that I could snap a few shots before the proposal actually happened. The proposal worked out perfectly–Juleah said “Yes” and even the torrential downpour which was supposed to happen held of just long enough for us to finsh the session! It turned out to be an amazing evening for all.

1-Wedding Proposal at the Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah-010
1-Romantic Wedding Proposal Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah-008Weddin Proposal Engagement Photography Forsyth Park Fountain -002
1-J&L ProposalEngmt-099
4-J&L Proposal:Engmt-055
5-Artistic Wedding Engagement Photographer Forsyth Park Fountain-001
1-Forsyth Park Wedding Engagement Photography
1-Wedding Engagement Photographer Foryth Mansion Savannah Park
1-Beautiful Engagement Wedding Portraits Forsyth Park Savannah Hilton Head Bluffton Photographer ah
6-Weddin Proposal Engagement Photography Forsyth Park Fountain -005
2-J&L Proposal:Engmt-099
4-Weddin Proposal Engagement Photography Forsyth Park Fountain -003
3-Wedding Engagement Photographer Gaston Street Savanah Inns Bed Breakfastand Nreakfastsnnah

How did you meet? On Valentine’s Weekend of February this year, I volunteered as a chaperone for a retreat with the High school group at my church. Annette (the other chaperone) and I were responsible for a group of 11th grade girls. On Saturday, our group was supposed to participate in a scavenger hunt around town. Annette suggested that we drop by a friend of her’s house to try to pick up some items. Her friend was Lee 🙂 We met that day, Annette and I attended a wedding that night (where I caught the bouquet!!!), and the next day Lee called me and asked me on a date for the following week. A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend…. and 7 months later, here we are!

Did you have any idea the proposal was going to happen? What did you think when Lee had told you about all of the planning that went into it? I was shocked! Lee and I had talked about marriage and knew that was what we both wanted, but I didn’t expect a proposal while in Savannah. I was so, so happy. When I heard about how much work and thought he had put into it, I was touched. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.  I think we’d definitely love to return to Savannah in the future. It’s such a beautiful city and we both really enjoyed it. I think our top 2 favorite places as of now would be Savannah and St. Augustine.


Gigi Marquart

So sweet!

I met Whitney and Dave in Lafayette Square for pre-ceremony photos, then the  couple said their vows. Afterwards, we took additional photos around the Lafayette Square area. Whitney is an Attorney and Dave works in Logistics. The busy couple took some time off to fly in from Toronto, Canada to have their wedding ceremony  here. Whitney explained that she has always wanted to elope and both she and Dave loved the idea of Savannah, so it was a perfect fit. They chose Lafayette Square because of the beautiful fountain. Early in the planning phase, I found out Whitney’s family has a ski chalet near Holimont and Holiday Valley in Ellicotville,  NY. Its just a few minutes away from my parent’s house and where I grew up and also enjoyed skiing so I was excited to meet up with these two! Toronto is one of my favorite cities, and its truly an honor to have someone who already lives in such an amazing city select Savannah as the romantic destination for their wedding ceremony. Whitney and Dave  began dating met when they were sixteen and have been together for over ten years. Recently, they  got ship tattoos to celebrate their tenth anniversary. We also came across an azalea which happened to be in bloom. Normally, they bloom in the spring, so it was neat to find one in September. We took a photo of one of the blooms with Whitney’s ring which is so beautiful! Its an antique from the 1940’s…I love everything vintage so of course I had to ask about it–Whitney later told me “When I saw it, I knew it had to be mine– I love it.”

1-Wedding Engagement Portraits on Liberty Street in downtown Savannah

1-Lafayette Fountain Wedding Ceremony location Portraits in Historic Squares

3-Wedding Elope Ceremony Lafayette Square Savannah

1-romantic ceremony

1-Whitney & Dave  The Kiss


1-IMG_6269-0024-Wedding Couple Kissing in Lafayette Fountain Savannah Engagement Portraits1-IMG_6190-0011-Vintage Style Wedding Ring Jewelry Savannah GA2-IMG_6327-0017-Wedding Elope Hamilton Turner House Savannah Georgia Lafayette Square1-romantic wedding Photography Hamilton Turner Inn8-wedding engagement photo of tattoos savannah Georgia1-Artisitc Engagement Photos Savannah Couple on Balcony Blush Photos-0013-IMG_6470-002


Hotel Accommodations:  Marshall House

Whitney’s Dress: American Eagle

Salon – Colorboxx – Savannah

Bride’s Jewelry: Wedding Ring – Antique;  Pearl Necklace – Vintage, a gift from bride’s parents 


I met with Tiffany, Anthony and their daughter, Blaire in Forsyth Park. This beautiful family is from Kentucky and this was their first trip to Savannah. There are many things to do while visiting Savannah and Forsyth Park is perfect for families with small children. Blaire is a little cutie and it was wonderful to photo journal a piece of their family time.

Gigi Marquart

Very nice pictures!

I met with Katie, Bob, Claire and Sophie on the South end of  Tybee Beach for sunset family  portraits. Bob is a firefighter/Paramedic and Katie is a nurse. Their daughters are absolutely adorable and just eleven months apart in age! Both girls have completely different personalities and it made the session really fun because preschoolers are full of energy and life and you just never know what they’re going to do!  It was so sweet when they were hugging and kissing!  Once again, the weather was a bit overcast, but it allowed us to enjoy the cooler temperatures and the nice ocean breeze. It was fantastic to meet and photo journal this young family from Illinois!


What made you decide on Tybee Island for your family vacation? I have always wanted to visit Savannah and we wanted to take the girls to the beach this year so what better place than Tybee for the beach and Savannah is right next door. We also have several friends that have vacationed in Tybee and loved it, so they recommended it.

What do you like most about Savannah & Tybee?  We love the Southern charm, history and beauty of Savannah. We took a carriage ride around Savannah and learned about the history. The food is amazing, Bob is originally from Memphis, TN so any chance he gets to eat good southern food he does.  Tybee has that small quaint beach feel that I really like, with all the small shops and local restaurants. We loved all of the outdoor seating at the restaurants.

How does vacationing in the Savannah area differ from somewhere else you have been? Would you vacation here again? We would definitely return back to Tybee and Savannah. We really liked the laid back feel of going to the beach and not having anything planned or reservations to be somewhere. It was a “wake up, take your time and decide what to do for the day trip.”

Lodging Accommodations: We rented a condo through VRBO, it was perfectly located right on the beach with three pools in the complex and a great restaurant at the pool area.

What activities would you recommend to others? We did a sunset/dolphin tour through Captain Mike’s dolphin tour. The whole family enjoyed this and were pleasantly surprised at how many dolphins we saw. It was so fun to watch for them and see them jump out of the water. We saw several shrimp boats coming in while on the tour. We spent everyday going to beach or swimming in the pool. Claire and Sophie both enjoyed playing in the sand, building sand castles and searching for sea shells. One evening we flew kites on the beach the wind was perfect for that.