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For their second session, Edith and Justin chose a sunrise session at Tybee beach. Justin is in the Navy, so it was important for the couple to have photos at the beach too. We decided to shoot over by the Tybee Pier and Pavilion area since the beach would be quiet that early in the morning. The sunrise was beautiful and I really enjoyed my time with this couple!


What made you decide on Tybee Island for a Sunrise Beach Portrait Session? Justin loves water, the beach and nature; I got to pick the first location to do  our session and he did not hesitate on suggesting having a second session in Tybee, he is in the Navy and most of his time he spends it around water so he thought it would be a perfect way to show the places we like and enjoy.

What do you like most about Savannah area? What are some of your favorite things to do and places to visit that you recommend to others? Would you visit the area again? Savannah is one of our favorite cities, and now is even more special to us since it was the first time we visited Savannah together and we officially got engaged at. Being one of the most haunted cities in the US Savannah is so mysterious, but charming and romantic at the same time all the beautiful well-kept city squares and old trees with spanish moss, it all looks like is something out of a movie, this city has character to spare. One of the things we love the most is that history is appreciated and even celebrated in Savannah, we also enjoyed our ghost tour and our night walks in River Street, and we cannot express with words our love for the food, Justin enjoyed one place in particular; the Savannah Sweets shop, he has a very sweet tooth and quickly felt in love with all the delicious homemade candies they have in the shop. We are definitely coming back; we are planning on making it a tradition to come back to the place we officially got engaged at and enjoy more of Savannah for years to come. Nothing beats our “official proposal”, we could not be any more pleased on how things turn out for us, the city and location were perfect.

Accommodations while staying in Savannah? We stayed at The Inn at Ellis Square in the Historic District and we were extremely pleased; the front desk staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Our room was on the 7th floor with an incredible view that we both loved. The location was perfect, you are right in the middle of historic downtown, steps away from restaurants, water and all the entertainment from River Street and City Market.



Edith and Justin met me downtown in the Historic District to begin their session. We photographed in and around the Jones Street area, the Meldrim House and near Monterey square. When we were about halfway through the session, I had asked Edith if she wanted her engagement ring photographed and that was when she had explained that it was taking a long time for it to arrive in the mail.  I thought nothing of it and we continued on with our session and walking tour of Savannah. When we came to the close of the session,  Justin asked if we could take a few more photos over by the wrought iron gate of the Meldrim House.  To Edith and I,  nothing  seemed out of the ordinary until we  saw “Will You Marry Me” written on the blackboard, and Justin on one knee!  Before we knew it, onlookers were clapping and yelling “Congratulations!!!” It was a very emotionally charged five minutes! When you think of  a surprise engagement, its usually just the woman being proposed to that is surprised, but I didn’t know it was going to happen either! It was amazing to be a part of this special proposal and to catch it on camera. Stay tuned for this couple’s second portrait  session at Tybee Beach!

How did you meet? We went to High School together; Justin is a year younger than me so I really didn’t notice him much back then and even though he had a crush on me since then, he never had the courage to talk to me until after High School I guess enrolling into the Navy gave him the courage he needed to talk to me ha ha. We talked and dated few years ago but things didn’t work out for us as we wanted them to, after almost a year of not having communication with each other, he contacted me again and was very persistent to get another chance, it took a while but finally persistence paid off for him and I decided to give him a second chance when I realized that he was serious about us, soon after that we decided to get engaged. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters, we loved each other and we couldn’t let this second chance be taken for granted.

Where do you currently live? Where are your home cities? What has it been like being separated?  I am originally from Puebla, Mexico, I moved to Dublin few years ago with my family, I have been working in a construction company for almost 6 year, currently working in the Human Resources department which is something I love to do.  Justin has been in the Navy for 6 years, born and raised in Dublin, Georgia and currently station and residing in Sicily, Italy. Being away from each other can be difficult but we allow God to be the focus and foundation of our love because we know that he is the only one that can help us build a stronger relationship. So far our communication and trust are excellent, we try to keep each other inform of everything that is going on around us and we also constantly remind each other of the reasons that keep us together. Distance is not easy but it is worth every moment we have together, being separated means so little when someone means so much.

Edith, What made you pick the Jones Street Area of Savannah for your Engagement Session? I am in love with Savannah, I love everything about it, the beautiful historic district, the streets with the big beautiful trees, the culture and all the history behind the city, I had so many places in mind to take our pictures at, I wanted a natural/cityscape look and after looking at some pictures of the side streets in Jones Street and getting feedback from friends I figured it would be the perfect place for our first session.

Justin —Can we talk about the Proposal and the  “Ring”?  How did you come up with the idea for the proposal?   It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It took me nearly 6 months to pick the ring. I wanted it to be perfect so I asked Edith to pick out three rings she liked best and then I’d choose one out of the three that way I couldn’t go wrong with my decision. I ended up taking the one she liked to an Italian jeweler and showing them the picture of the ring. I had them make a new one similar to the one she liked and engraved a message in Spanish on the inside of the ring because I really wanted her to have something unique. Once I had the perfect ring, I came home and I hid the ring in my back pack in her closet and man let me tell you I watched that thing like a hawk! LOL. Next, I needed to pick the place to propose and that’s where I really struggled. I was planning on doing it when she picked me up at the airport but I thought that would be too typical. I then I thought about proposing at a family get together but her family couldn’t be there so it didn’t feel right to do it. Then it hit me, why not propose in Savannah during our actual engagement pictures? After all, this whole time I had her thinking the ring was still in the mail After the last pose on Jones Street, Edith thought we were done. I mentioned I had an idea for one more pose. I then went to the car to grab a couple of props (which it was the ring and a blackboard where I wrote “Will You Marry Me.” When I got over to where she was I placed the blackboard down to where she couldn’t see what was written…I hid the ring behind me and she ask me, “What do you want to write on the blackboard?” I turned the board around and said read it and when she did—BAM! I hit one knee and next thing you know, our tears of joy and  happiness were captured on camera.

 Edith were you surprised that Justin had the ring the entire time?  I was extremely surprised, he had the ring  the whole time and I didn’t even notice, nor did I bother to check his bags since he made me believe that the jeweler was going to mail it from Rome. I knew deep inside the ring was not going to make it on time for our pictures and maybe not even before he had to leave the states, I was a little upset to take our engagement pictures without a ring but mostly I was excited and happy about our session and spending time together which in our situation we don’t get to do that often so when he actually proposed I was speechless and extremely excited, he did a great job hiding it from me, it was perfect and I loved every second of it!



I met up with Linda & Chris at Wormsloe for Anniversary Portraits while they were vacationing in Savannah. They’re an active couple and we spent the early morning just hiking around while taking photos. Wormsloe is a magnificent place and I find something new to use as a new backdrop  each time I’m working there. I just had to include a quick shot of  a fiddler crab in the blog. Whenever we shoot over by the marsh, there are hundreds of these little creatures along the shoreline and they hop in and out of their safe hiding places the entire time…this one wasn’t camera shy at all!


How did you meet? Where do you currently live? Where are your home cities? We, initially, met on a blind date set up by mutual friends.  We became good friends and hung out off and on for the next year, then we became serious and married the following year.  I’m from Lebanon, TN and Chris is from Adolphus, KY, where we live now.  When we met, I had just moved to a town bordering the TN/KY line.  Chris farms full-time, so I moved to be with him on the farm when we married.  I love the farm life, and I love that my husband loves what he does, too! I’m a RN and have worked at the same rural hospital for the last 7 years.  I currently work in the ED. I love my job and my coworkers, who are like family to me!

What made you decide on Savannah for your Anniversary Portrait Session? On October 18th we will be celebrating 5 years of marital bliss! We had an outdoor wedding on the farm.  Surrounded by the best family and friends in the world with a backdrop of the farm we love and blessed with beautiful weather, it was the BEST day of our lives!  Chris is, truly, the love of my life and I know the same is true for him… because he tells me everyday!  We are truly blessed!  Savannah seemed like such a romantic place with it’s picturesque squares and moss covered oaks.  We were not disappointed!  The tree-lined lanes of Wormsloe are unique and enchanting, which is why we chose this plantation as the backdrop for our photos.

What do you like most about Savannah? What are some of your favorite things to do and places to visit that you recommend to others? We will most definitely make a return trip to Savannah!  There is so much to see and do in the area that we feel like we just skimmed the top.  We loved taking the tours!  Chris is a history buff, and I like interesting history, which Savannah has plenty of!  We took a walking tour, a carriage tour, and went on several nightly ghost tours.  Each tour is unique, and we learned something new about Savannah with each one.  The squares are beautiful and truly a site to see but without the backstory of each, they’re just that… really pretty squares.  Friends have asked us why we didn’t take more photos.  Savannah is a place you have to experience, pictures don’t do the city justice or tell it’s stories!

Did you go on any adventures while in the area? We kayaked Ebenezer Creek/Swamp, which is just outside Savannah.  Being our first kayaking trip and our first trip through a swamp, we were quite nervous to begin with.  Once we overcame our fear of falling in and being eaten by an alligator, we were able to appreciate the beauty of the black water, tall cypress trees, and all the wildlife the swamp has to offer.  We never saw an alligator on our trip, though, which was just fine by us!  We also chartered a fishing trip in Thunderbolt.  We left very early in the morning and watched the sunrise over the river/ocean.  It was one of the most beautiful sunrises we have ever seen!  We caught so many fish that day and a few sharks, too!  We enjoyed watching the dolphins play, too, though when they were around our fishing slowed… but we didn’t mind.

Accommodations: We stayed at the Marshall House in Savannah. It’s full of history and charm, along with a great location, between River Street and the Historic District.  The service and hospitality were outstanding!



I met with this group on Tybee Island for Family-Beach Portraits on the Northern end of the beach with the lighthouse serving as our backdrop. First, we took photos of the group, then photos of individual families and then candid photos. It was wonderful to spend time with this group who decided to meet on Tybee for their family vacation. One family lives in Atlanta and the other two families live farther  north near Chicago and Michigan. This family was beautiful and Tybee is an amazing place for a vacation!


Where does everyone currently live? Brian, our 2 girls and I live in Atlanta. Brian’s brother Marc lives in Atlanta also. Their parents live in Holt, Michigan and cousin Angela, her husband David and their kids live in Lansing, Illinois. This distance makes family get togethers few and far between.

What made you decide on Tybee Island for your family session? I’m the only “local,” growing up in Atlanta I’ve spent a bit of time in the Savannah-Tybee area. When we planned this trip, we wanted a place to be together and enjoy a quiet spot on the beach but also one that would offer some off the beach fun. Tybee and Savannah provided the perfect mix!

What do you like most about Savannah & Tybee? What are some of your favorite things to do and places to visit that you recommend to others? We appreciate the beauty and history of the area. With young girls the Juliette Gordon Low house is a must. Likewise Fort Pulaski is heaven for a little dude! For grown ups – Tybee Time! Just be careful – those drinks are famously strong!

How does vacationing in the Savannah area differ from somewhere else you have been? What are some positive things about it? Would you vacation here again? As a group the last time we were all together in the state of Georgia was our wedding (9 years ago today). Typically we get together at the holidays so it was nice change of pace. The Georgia coastal area is a treasure. I hope that our northern family took a little bit of the south back home! We’ll be back!

We stayed in a private home on Tybee that we found through  Our realtor, Michelle McAlpin, was awesome and 5 Sanctuary Place was perfect and beautiful. We couldn’t have been happier.



I met with April and Jarod at Wormsloe Plantation. April is originally from Warner Robbins and Jarod is from Greenville. They are both Physicians at Memorial Hospital and both now call Savannah home. For this session, the weather was perfect  and we had the best time enjoying the historical scenery and taking photos.  Its always a treat to shoot at Wormsloe and its a magnificent location for anyone who seeks a natural backdrop for their portraits. April and Jarod are amazing together and so in love—it was fun to spend the morning photographing them!


How did you meet? We both met in residency. We realized we had similar experiences and interests at an intern mixer before we started working. We worked as interns together on a ward team with Dr. Baxter. We were close friends and also went to church together at Lifebridge. During our intern year, we had the same vacation week which just happened to be at Disney. (this was not planned). We met both our families and instantly clicked. It was almost “meant to be” as some people have said to us. Our friendship turned into dating the following year when Jarod gathered the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. (He was pretty nervous) Jarod was born in Sulphur Springs, TX and grew up in Greenville, SC. April was born in Charleston, SC and grew up in Warner Robins, GA. We both currently work as Resident Physicians at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, GA.

What made you decide on Savannah for your engagement session? We both live and work in Savannah and we love the beautiful scenery that Savannah provides. It only made sense for our engagement session to be here.

What do you like most about Savannah? What are some of your favorite things to do and places to visit that you recommend to others? Savannah has a lot to offer from historical sites to great restaurants. We love the beach and spend many summer days on Tybee island. We love the many delicious restaurants including the Olde Pink House and Alligator Soul. A ghost tour or pub crawl is also a must for any visitor to Savannah.

Tell us about your proposal: We are both huge Disney fans. Most people know our family obsession with Mickey Mouse, Wine and Dine festival at epcot, Run Disney, etc. On this particular Saturday, we were taking our friend Felicia on a whirlwind tour of all the Disney World parks in one day. We wanted to show her the highlights of the parks since she had not been able to go to them during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon last fall. It was around 10:30 am and we had already been to Hollywood Studios. Jarod was sort of quiet that morning and wouldn’t eat much for breakfast. If you know Jarod well enough, you know that isn’t him. Haha.  We were on our way to Animal Kingdom to meet up with my parents.  As we were walking into the park we stopped at the bridge overlooking the Tree of Life for a picture. This is where he first held my hand when we started dating (Yes I remember these things). Jarod and I posed for a picture with the “Tree of Life” as our background by the Disney photographer. My parents met up with us there.  As I prepared to walk off he stopped me and said he had one more thing…of course I was giving him this confused look, thinking it is for another picture. I was anxious at this point to go ride roller coasters! He then started talking about how we first started dating and how much he loved me. He got down on one knee and opened a box with a beautiful ring! He asked “Will you marry me?” I was shocked. My family and friend Felicia were cheering , along with a ton of other people who had gathered to watch. Of course I said yes as tears rolled down my face. It was very sweet and thoughtful. I was very happy to have my family and friends there.