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Elizabeth & Mark Wed at Quinney Oaks Plantation

Quinney Oaks Plantation in Millen, Georgia was the beautiful venue for the wedding of Elizabeth and Mark. The plantation itself is not very far from Savannah and is situated on a sprawling hillside, surrounded by an apple orchard and beautiful gardens. Elizabeth and Mark were an amazing couple to work with and are so perfect together. The entire month of March and April seems to have had so much more rain than usual and this wedding was almost delayed due to the weather. This decisive couple decided to move forward and the weather ended up cooperating. It turned out to be a wonderful day for a Southern Wedding! The outdoor garden ceremony was officiated by a close family friend and part of the ceremony included a bible signing. Afterwards, the couple celebrated their wedding day with over  300 guests. A cocktail hour was then followed by dinner, dancing with a live band and several toasts by family and members of the wedding party. It was truly an honor to meet and to work with this lovely local family from the Savannah-Pooler area!


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What were the deciding factors for you Ceremony and reception location? I had never wanted to get married in a church and had always wanted an outside wedding.

Where did you get the inspiration/ideas for the details? I knew I did not want a white dress…I wanted an ivory dress. My dress actually is a Merlot color (according to the tag) I loved my dress. I purchased it from J ’adore Bridal in Brooklet, GA. I had seen on Pinterest a board of pinks and greens and feel in love with the color scheme so I decided to use that.Mr. Bill Lively is a close family friend of Mark’s family and we thought it was perfect asking him to marry us since he has seen mine and Marks relationship grow.

What made you select Quinney Oaks Plantation as your Venue? Quinney Oaks is actually owned by a friend of Mark’s from when he was growing up. Coincidentally, the owner is also a sorority sister of mine. She had advertised her parents home on Facebook and I fell in love with the plantation home and venue immediately. Mark had already been to the house several times growing up and loved it as well. It is also close Waynesboro, GA,  where Mark and I will be calling home.

Any advice to other couples who are in the process of planning their wedding? ALWAYS have a plan B if it calls for RAIN!!!

Approximate # of Guests: 300 / Wedding Gown: J ‘adore Bridal in Brooklet, GA /  Hair & Makeup: Nicole Beasley / Bride’s Jewelry: Marks Great Grandmother’s earrings, my pearl necklace and bracelet were given to me for my high school graduation from my grandfather who passed away 3 months after that in 2007 / Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J ‘adore Bridal in Brooklet, GA /Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse /Guestbook: JLeslie Designs/ Wedding Photography: Blush Photos  

                                                                                Wedding Venue/ Flowers & Catering: Quinney Oaks