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Wedding Portraits (Session Only)

Wedding Portraits before or after your official wedding day offer unlimited possibilities.

Maybe you didn’t have enough time for all the photos you wanted or to visit all the locations you wanted to visit on your wedding day. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Savannah and want to have a second set of wedding portraits or bridal portraits to display at your wedding. 

Some couples want to do a “Day After” or “Rock The Dress” wedding photo shoot with a different photographer. Whatever your reasons,Wedding Portraits are a unique invitation to your own private photo session.  “Day 2” presents infinite options for couples:  You can wear your wedding gown again & clean the tux,  take them out for another spin, or ditch them all together and put on that formal dress you’ve never found the perfect occasion for.  Our Bridal Sessions present the couple with more time than they may have had on the day of their wedding, more locations and the freedom to work without the concern of getting a bit of wear on your beautiful gown.  We love the idea of being able to take a little more time with our clients that is stress free!  Whether, the ceremony was too late in the evening to accomplish natural light portraits, or you are looking for more than what another photographer gave you, we jump at the chance to grab our gear and connect with clients to offer another opportunity to capture your wedding day. We will stop at nothing to deliver incredible pictures that are more than you expect and everything you deserve. We can even get affordable flowers if you want to change your look with a different wedding bouquet! With this type of session, you can customize things and take your time to have more poses and different photos!  

Contact us for special pricing details and to schedule an appointment!