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It was an amazing day for Elizabeth & Alan’s Wedding at The Hilton Head Lakes. We first began with getting ready photos of the bridal party, then headed over to The Lord of Life Lutheran Church for their beautiful wedding ceremony. Afterwards, we then headed back to their reception at The Lakes Club which is a newer Wedding Venue located in the Hilton Head/Bluffton Area. Elizabeth and Alan kicked the evening off with cocktails then dinner, toasts and wedding cake followed by a Smore’s Bar and a Sparkler send off! We enjoyed our time with Elizabeth and Alan and were thrilled to be involved in their very happy occasion!Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-11

Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-18

Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-24

Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-4

Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer SavannahHilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-3Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-2Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-10Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-19Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-23Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-20Hilton Head Lakes Wedding Photographer Savannah-21






Debby Moss

Beautiful photos. You looked absolutely gorgeous, but more than that you look so happy and so in love. I am so happy for you. Love and happiness forever and always. Love you.

Lizzy & Jordan had a beautiful outdoor wedding near the Surf Song Inn on Tybee Island. There ceremony was followed by an outdoor dinner complete with toasts, dancing and dessert. The entire day turned out to be perfect. I had such a great time meeting them and their family. Congratulations to this very fun couple!

Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-2Tybee Wedding Surf Song _Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-5Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-3Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-4Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-18Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-17Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-11Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-8Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-9Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-10Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-15Tybee Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-12



Ivey and Ogun had their Spring Wedding in downtown Savannah. We began with getting ready portraits at the home the couple had rented on historic Jones Street. The ceremony then took place over at the Davenport House Pharmacy. After the ceremony, the wedding party and family members then took photos in Columbia Square.  The couple’s wedding reception was held over at the Distillery. We had such a wonderful time at this beautiful wedding and reception! (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1)-2

Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_Davport House Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah GA_-4Davport House Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah GA_-2Davport House Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1) Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1)-3The Distillery Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_The Distillery Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah GA_-2The Davenport House Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah GA_The Distillery Wedding Vintage Rentals Savannah Ceremony Seating-Savannah-Wedding-Photographer (1 of 1)-2


How did you meet?In 2006, I wrote a random late night email on Myspace to a boy who looked like no one I had seen or met in Savannah. I didn’t know what to expect. A few days later, he replied. We exchanged a few emails and it took off from there. What would you like to share about yourselves?We are so happy to call Savannah our home. Ogun is originally from the island of Cyprus and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Nothing makes us happier than to eat exotic food, enjoy a craft beer, and explore new places. Savannah is so picturesque and makes it a perfect place to enjoy these simple pleasures. We both work from home and are developing businesses on the side so we are fortunate enough to have the flexibility to explore and enjoy Savannah daily.
Tell us about your proposal: Ogun was living in Atlanta and I was living in Savannah when he proposed. I got home one night and was greeted by my sister who was behaving strangely. Soon after, she opened the door and there was Ogun with a guitar and he started singing to me. After, he got on one knee and proposed. He later told me the adventure he experienced to get to Savannah on time. He literally ran through the Atlanta airport to catch his flight and had help from a local friend to buy the perfect ring and the guitar. It was very surreal and so sweet and sincere.

What were the deciding factors for your Ceremony location? I have always loved historic buildings so having the ceremony in historic place was a natural choice. The Kennedy Pharmacy was perfect choice for an intimate ceremony.

Where did you get the inspiration/ideas for the details? Your colors, wedding gown? Accents, Decor, Details? The colors and the theme were inspired by an Alphonse Mucha painting. It was a perfect blend of colors and had small touches of the Mediterranean. I chose salmon, aqua, gold as my main colors and balanced them with greenery and brown from the grave vines. I also wanted to incorporate the Mediterranean theme with my wedding dress. I chose to have a simple gown with intricate details on the bodice and a drop veil and hair piece to tie in the Mediterranean theme.

What made you select Savannah and & The Distillery for your Venue? We both love craft beer and Ogun is a home brewer so we wanted a place with great beer! We also wanted an intimate setting and a place that had all of the beautiful historic features like exposed bricks and wood floors. Ogun and I were also big fans of their southern wings and burgers! We also wanted a space where we could have a DJ and dance area. Dancing is huge in both our cultures and is a major part of our celebrations.

Any advice to other couples who are in the process of planning their wedding? My main goal was to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. Always consider your guests but don’t obsess. The best part of getting married is being able to tell your story and show your personalities. The personalized details make it a special and memorable experience for guests. If you are able hire an event planner, do it. It is worth the expense to be able to enjoy the special moments.

Approximate # of Guests: 40
Wedding Gown: Madison James
Shoes: Antonio Melani
Hair: /Makeup: JW Salon
Bride’s Jewelry: Macy’s , Necklace from Cyprus, Headpiece form Etsy (deLoop)
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Diyouth
Groom’s Attire: / Ties: Men’s Warehouse
Wedding Official: Bill Gillespie
Ceremony Music: Provided by Bride
Cocktail Hour Music: / DJ: Shannon of Shockwave Entertainment
Florist: A to Zinnias
Vintage Rentals: Pretty Vintage Rentals
Wedding Venue & Caterer: The Distillery Ale House
Ceremony Event Planner: Dillon of KP Event Planning
Reception Set-up: Coastal Concierge & Errands
Wedding Cake: Lulu’s Cakes
Hotel/Guest & Wedding Party Accommodations: Savannah Getaways
Transportation/Trolley/Pedicab/ Limousine: Above & Beyond
Any Activities or places your guests visited/enjoyed during the week of your event? Concert in the Park


I enjoyed meeting Tonya & TJ for their intimate wedding at the Kehoe House of Savannah. We began with getting ready photos at the mansion and then the ceremony was held on the balcony.  Afterwards, we went into the lush gardens of Columbia Square and then took photos overlooking the fountain and The Davenport House. I just loved their bright pops of color and the navy accents that they chose to mix in.  It was an amazing day for and perfect in every way for this perfect couple!

Kehoe House Wedding Photographer Savannah_Kehoe House Wedding Savannah1Savannah Wedding Photographer Kehoe House Elope_-6Kehoe House Wedding Photographer Savannah_-4Kehoe House Wedding Photographer Savannah_-5Kehoe House Wedding Photographer Savannah_-3Savannah Wedding Photographer Kehoe House Elope_-5Kehoe House Wedding Savannah2Savannah Wedding Photographer Kehoe House Elope_-2


How did you and TJ meet? Destiny..our paths had crossed for many years, but we never were introduced. Last year, TJ created a facebook account solely for outreach in the Christian community. He added some friends where he had trained at for his schooling. Those friends of his were also mutual friends of mine because I worked at one of the hospitals he trained at. I sent a friend request and he accepted. When I posted a picture of my youngest daughter being baptized he “liked” it, and a few days later sent a message asking about work at the hospital, and it was a whirlwind romance from there. Neither one of us were looking for a relationship, but God knew what we needed in life, and from a partner. Once he met my children, and we realized how God was working for us to become a family, we prayed for His guidance and let Him lead our next steps. I am a Registered Nurse in a small Western North Carolina Community. Once TJ and I were engaged we decided to stay in the small town, and he would commute for work as a Nurse Anesthetist. A couple months later, God opened the door at the small hospital I work in, for a CRNA position. Neither one of us saw that coming, but God knows what He is doing. He accepted the position after our praying for guidance, and he is also now employed at the same hospital as I. Most of our activities are family oriented and centered around home life. We enjoy attending church, going for walks, traveling, spending time with family, attending my oldest daughter’s sports (she’s a baller), and while I am not doing school work ( finishing my BSN (May 2016 pending graduation)), just enjoying downtime with one another. We love just hanging out with one another. Simple as that. We enjoy the mountains of NC. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of our favorite places to be. Beautiful views with God-made scenery.

Tell us about your proposal: Tj had made several attempts to get back to the Parkway to ask, being this is where we spent most of our time getting to know one another, but timing never played out. Finally, one Sunday afternoon, TJ took me back to where we first met. He wanted me to get out of the vehicle, but I insisted that I would melt, and my hair would get frizzy because it was starting to drizzle outside. He knew that I was not going to get out of the vehicle so, he went ahead with his plan. He started reading scripture from the bible about love and devotion, and proceeded to get ring from his pocket. Simple, but the happiest moment of my life..of course, I said yes!!

What were the deciding factors for your Ceremony location? After researching many places to have our ceremony, we finally decided on Savannah. This was an area neither of us had ever visited, but the pictures of Savannah were gorgeous. We wanted to make new memories for us. We looked at many places in the area for the ceremony, and finally settled on The Kehoe House. We loved the fact we could get married on the veranda at the Kehoe House.

Where did you get the inspiration/ideas for the details? Your colors, wedding gown? I wanted a gown that was simple, yet took his breath away. I found accenting with the coral and pink bouquet made by Julie from “Garden on the Square” was perfect. We decided on a classic look for TJ with a navy suit and tie, and a pop of color from an orange ranunculus boutonniere. Every time I tell Tj I love him, he always says, “more”. So when I saw the cake topper I knew we had to have it. We also had the WillowTree Promise Cake Topper. This was to signify holding dear the promise of love. Any advice to other couples who are in the process of planning their wedding? Take your time planning, but do not become stressed over things. Things on “your” day are for sure not to go as planned, but do not lose focus of the bigger picture of what is about to transpire. Make sure your day is what makes you happy together as a couple. For TJ and I, it was eloping in a small, quaint ceremony, where we promised our love to one another. Just follow your own heart and dreams, and not what everyone else’s ideas of what would be wonderful. Make sure your day is stress free and full of lots of love, laughter, and happiness. Also, making sure to have a wonderful photographer to capture those moments to share your memories with others

Approximate # of Guests: Guests were my best friend from nursing school and her fiancé, Wedding Gown: ivory satin strapless trumpet dress with an ivory beaded sash – simple, yet elegant, and I felt like princess!! Shoes: Badgely Mischka Jazmin / Hair: /Makeup: Hair and makeup was by Royal Makeup & Hair; Michelle Royal Wedding Official: Darrin Dodd Handwritten vows Florist: Julie Driscoll – Garden on the Square

Anything else you would like to add? You should always allow God to direct your steps. He can allow beautiful things to come to fruition when you are least expecting it. TJ and I both feel God took His time before he introduced us to one another. He knew what place we both had to be in to be able to appreciate the love that we have for one another. We truly feel we have met our “destined” life partner. When God is in the middle of it, there is nothing that could be more beautiful.



Alisa & Corbin had the most amazing wedding at the Westin of Hilton Head. The day began with getting ready photos in their suites and then a first look near the coy pond located on the main grounds at the Westin. The couple then wed in the upper ballroom area which overlooks the beach and ocean then had their reception in the covered area which also overlooked the ocean.  It was an amazing day and we were so fortunate to spend it with this gorgeous couple!

Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-3

Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-2Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-4Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-6Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-7Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-8Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-10Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-9Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-11Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-12Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-13Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-14Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-15Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-16Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-18Savannah Wedding Photographer Hilton Head Westin_-17Westin Hilton Head Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-2Westin Hilton Head Wedding Photographer Savannah GA_-3


How did you and Corbin meet? What would you like to share about yourselves? Corbin and I (are both teachers. He teaches high school special education and I teach elementary school. Our careers are a huge part of our lives, so we really connected over that commonality. In our limited free time, we enjoy exploring the Hilton Head and Bluffton area, refinishing furniture, and renovating our new house!
Tell us about your proposal: Corbin proposed in Savannah, Georgia. We took a beautiful carriage ride through the historic district and he proposed in Orleans Square. As he tells the story, “It was perfect October evening in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. There was a light breeze in the air, and not a cloud in sight. It was the perfect evening for a carriage ride through the city. We arrived at our carriage at about 6 o’clock, and I immediately thought that Alissa had it all figured out. The carriage had white flowers all over it, and the driver handed Alissa roses when we boarded. She looked at me and simply asked, ” Did you do this?” I replied with a smile and a “Yes”, and we were on our way. As the carriage lazily meandered through the streets, I thought the ring was going to burn a hole in my pocket. Finally, we arrived at Orleans Square. The driver stopped the carriage, told us a brief love story about the fountain. Legend has it that the fountain was a spot where two lovers could make a wish, and have it come true by tossing a coin into the fountain. The driver then invited us to make a wish in the fountain.
We hopped out of the carriage and walked to the fountain. I pulled a coin out of my pocket, and gave it to Alissa to make a wish. After some resistance and a little persuasion, she agreed to do so. After she tossed her coin in, I pulled the ring from my pocket and took a knee. I told her, “I only have one wish in this world, and this fountain can’t give it to me. Alissa Kozulis will you marry me?” To which she replied with a look of shock and surprise, three “Shut-Ups!”, and an eventual “Yes!” It was one of the best days of my life.

What were the deciding factors for your Ceremony and Venue location? I tried to go into searching for a venue with an open mind. But, the Westin was what I really had my heart set on before we even began! My family had vacationed at the resort a handful of times and really enjoyed it. Additionally, when I moved to the Hilton Head area a couple years ago, my mom and I had stayed at the Westin as I was looking for an apartment and beginning my first year of teaching. I had a special connection to the hotel, and couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else!

Additionally, the event planners at The Westin Resort and Spa Hilton Head Island were excellent! Throughout the entire process, they were easy to communicate with, did a great job handling the vendors, and set up the ceremony and reception beautifully!


Where did you get the inspiration/ideas for your wedding details? Inspiration for the details came from many different wedding magazines and blogs. The “colors” were chosen with the ocean backdrop in mind. I knew that pictures would be taken on the beach, and the reception location overlooked the ocean, so I wanted the wedding colors to complement the natural beauty of the water. I was looking for something rustic with elegant details. We used burlap, lace and wooden elements, complemented by rich metallic accents and candle light. Full flower arrangements with flowers that were different shades of pinks and corals really pulled the entire look together!

Approximate # of Guests: 80 / Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander; “The White Dress” Brighton, MI / Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Hair: Beyond Beautiful by Heather /Makeup: Beyond Beautiful by Heather / Bride’s Jewelry: J.Crew /Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J.Crew/Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse / Ties: The Belle and the Beau (Etsy) Wedding Official: Dr. Rev. Larry C. Williams / Ceremony Music: The Wedding Violinist / Cocktail Hour Acoustic Music: n/a / Band: Neil and Bob Band / Florist: Flowers by “KK” /Wedding Venue & Caterer: The Westin Resort and Spa Hilton Head Island / Wedding Cake: Ronnie’s Bakery and Cakes by Lou/Rehearsal Dinner: The Westin Resort and Spa Hilton Head Island /

Honeymoon: The Westin Lagunamar Resort, Cancun, Mexico