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Juleah & Lee’s Surprise Proposal & Forsyth Park Engagement Session

I am so excited to share this next Session. Since we posted the last proposal, we have been getting a lot of requests to do more. There’s nothing better than being involved in a well orchestrated plan! For this proposal, Lee got in touch with me and explained that he had he planned to propose in Savannah at the Forsyth Fountain.  Lee pilots his own  plane and had told Juleah they were flying in from NY for a destination date to explore Savannah…He went onto explain that Juleah would think it was not too out of the ordinary, since the couple has taken a trips to St. Augustine, but instead they would be visiting Savannah for this “special date.” On the day of  the proposal, Lee and I texted back and forth so that I knew if the plane was on time and if the plan was going according to schedule.  We even had a back up location in case of rain because there was supposed to be a storm that evening. Lee was doing this rain or shine and didn’t even seem to mind that the proposal (and flying) was on Friday the thirteenth! (I guess its safe to say he isn’t as superstitious as I am!)  Upon their safe arrival, the couple went out for an early dinner then a carriage tour which ended at the Forsyth Park Promenade. Everything was meticulously planned down to the last second, giving me just enough time to pace out where I was shooting and to set up. As they made their way up to our designated location, I pretended to be a tourist taking photos so that I could snap a few shots before the proposal actually happened. The proposal worked out perfectly–Juleah said “Yes” and even the torrential downpour which was supposed to happen held of just long enough for us to finsh the session! It turned out to be an amazing evening for all.

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How did you meet? On Valentine’s Weekend of February this year, I volunteered as a chaperone for a retreat with the High school group at my church. Annette (the other chaperone) and I were responsible for a group of 11th grade girls. On Saturday, our group was supposed to participate in a scavenger hunt around town. Annette suggested that we drop by a friend of her’s house to try to pick up some items. Her friend was Lee 🙂 We met that day, Annette and I attended a wedding that night (where I caught the bouquet!!!), and the next day Lee called me and asked me on a date for the following week. A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend…. and 7 months later, here we are!

Did you have any idea the proposal was going to happen? What did you think when Lee had told you about all of the planning that went into it? I was shocked! Lee and I had talked about marriage and knew that was what we both wanted, but I didn’t expect a proposal while in Savannah. I was so, so happy. When I heard about how much work and thought he had put into it, I was touched. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.  I think we’d definitely love to return to Savannah in the future. It’s such a beautiful city and we both really enjoyed it. I think our top 2 favorite places as of now would be Savannah and St. Augustine.


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So sweet!