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Lisa & Albert at The Savannah Botanical Gardens (SACGC)

I met with Lisa and Albert at The Savannah Botanical Gardens. Albert is in the military and Lisa was visiting from California and getting ready to leave the following day. They were looking for a place to have portraits that was scenic,  yet private with a lot of nature surrounding them. Their happiness was contagious! They are so in love and full of smiles, I was thankful for my time with them!   Savannah Engagement Proposals Photographer -002Candid Wedding and Engagement Photography Savannah ElopementEngagement Wedding Photographer Elope Savannah GACandid Fine Art Engagement Wedding Photography Savannah -001Artisitc Fine Art Savannah Engagement Photographer SACGC Botanical Gardens -001Natural Light Fine Art Photographer Savannah Wedding Engagement Photographer-001Engagement Wedding Elope Photographer Savannah GA-001Engagement Photos Savannah GASACGC GARDEN Savannah GA Elopement Engagement Wedding Photographer
We originally met in the 8th grade, I asked Lisa out to a school dance and we dated for about  5 months. We got back together about two years ago after Lisa messaged me over Facebook, after 5 years of living separate lives and having no contact. During that time, we had no other relationships, we are both really shy people. In addition, we are each other’s first and only love, firs kiss, and a bunch of, other things! We texted and talked over Facebook everyday, using up all our free time to do so, 12+ hours sometimes, and we slowly fell in love. After 7 months, we finally decided to meet in person in our hometown of Cerritos on Christmas Day 2012. I drove six hours from my parents home to see he again. We spent almost two months together there, then she flew out to Fort Stewart for a month, and we fell even more in love. I have been stationed at Fort Stewart for over 2 years. The distance is difficult, but we both Skype, every day, using up all of our free time to do so. We still do go out to do errands or spend time with family/friends, albeit not a lot, as we’d rather spend time with each other! We’re pretty attached! I fly her to GA frequently and we spend as many holidays as we can together. The hardest part of our relationship was in 2013, when I was deployed for 8 months in Afghanistan. We stayed strong, and talked over Skype as much as possible. This January, I proposed to Lisa at the beach at Saint Augustine, Florida as the sun was setting. She loves the beach, and it and the sky were beautiful that day, but not as beautiful as her! Our wedding will take place in late June, 2014 at a hotel right next to California’s Disneyland. We  like the Savannah Botanical Gardens because of its natural setting, and all the flowers. I think Savannah is a nice quaint town, and appreciate the fact that its not as crowded as Southern California. Also, the people are nicer. We will be living at Fort Stewart for at least half a year before we do move back to California. Once my time in the Army is up, we are going back home. When I think about it, our relationship seems like dream come true. I love Lisa so much, and I’m so glad she stalked my Facebook for months before she finally messaged me after all those years. I can’t wait to start the adventure of marriage. We’ll be together, Always and Forever. ((:

Albert Macias

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