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Stephens Family Portraits on Tybee Island

I met with this group on Tybee Island for Family-Beach Portraits on the Northern end of the beach with the lighthouse serving as our backdrop. First, we took photos of the group, then photos of individual families and then candid photos. It was wonderful to spend time with this group who decided to meet on Tybee for their family vacation. One family lives in Atlanta and the other two families live farther  north near Chicago and Michigan. This family was beautiful and Tybee is an amazing place for a vacation!


Where does everyone currently live? Brian, our 2 girls and I live in Atlanta. Brian’s brother Marc lives in Atlanta also. Their parents live in Holt, Michigan and cousin Angela, her husband David and their kids live in Lansing, Illinois. This distance makes family get togethers few and far between.

What made you decide on Tybee Island for your family session? I’m the only “local,” growing up in Atlanta I’ve spent a bit of time in the Savannah-Tybee area. When we planned this trip, we wanted a place to be together and enjoy a quiet spot on the beach but also one that would offer some off the beach fun. Tybee and Savannah provided the perfect mix!

What do you like most about Savannah & Tybee? What are some of your favorite things to do and places to visit that you recommend to others? We appreciate the beauty and history of the area. With young girls the Juliette Gordon Low house is a must. Likewise Fort Pulaski is heaven for a little dude! For grown ups – Tybee Time! Just be careful – those drinks are famously strong!

How does vacationing in the Savannah area differ from somewhere else you have been? What are some positive things about it? Would you vacation here again? As a group the last time we were all together in the state of Georgia was our wedding (9 years ago today). Typically we get together at the holidays so it was nice change of pace. The Georgia coastal area is a treasure. I hope that our northern family took a little bit of the south back home! We’ll be back!

We stayed in a private home on Tybee that we found through  Our realtor, Michelle McAlpin, was awesome and 5 Sanctuary Place was perfect and beautiful. We couldn’t have been happier.