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Tasha & Brandon

On the blog today we have Tasha & Brandon’s beautiful Wedding. Both the bride and groom are from Minnesota and flew into Savannah along with their family and friends to celebrate their intimate destination wedding. The wedding ceremony which was officiated by Reverend Schulte, took place in the Forsyth Garden. Afterwards the ceremony, there was a champagne toast on the balcony of the charming Forsyth Inn, which overlooks Forsyth Park. The couple and their guests had rented the Inn for the wedding. We then took a group portrait and photos of the bride, groom, family and friends at the Forsyth Inn, The Forsyth Park Fountain and we also traveled to Monterey Square. After portraits commenced, the couple and their guests then took a carriage ride throughout historic Savannah before going to their wedding reception. They celebrated with a reception dinner at The Olde Pink House, located in Reynold’s Square.

wedding-gown-forsyth-inn-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-2

wedding-gown-forsyth-inn-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-3

elope-forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-2forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-3forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-8forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-2forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)elope-forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-9forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-2forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)elope-forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-3elope-forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-5elope-forsyth-inn-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-6forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-3forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-4forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-5forsyth-fountain-wedding-savannah-photographer (1 of 1)-6forsyth-fountain-carriage-ride-savannah-wedding-photographer (1 of 1)

Wedding Officiant: Reverend Stephen Schulte/ Guest Accommodations: Forsyth Inn / Transportation: Savannah Carriage Ride / Wedding Reception Venue: The Olde Pink House/ Hair & Make-Up: Savannah Special Occasions /Violinist: Michael Houston

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